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Spring disassembly techniques
- Aug 18, 2016 -

We joined computer spring forming machine can be divided into detachable connection and is not removable connections in two ways:

1. common joins are not removable welding, riveting, and interference fits, shafts, holes combined with interference fits terms. Achieve interference fits common press fit, thermal expansion fit and shrink fit methods. Computer spring forming machine with push fit method in General, important or precision machine ready to use thermal expansion and shrink fit method. Computer spring forming machine is not removable join is join zero, spring making machine parts used in the process are not removed, such as demolition tends to damage certain parts.

2. removable join interconnected parts and components without damage to any parts, can rejoin after disassembly. Common removable connection connecting thread, keys, PIN and join. With threaded connections are widely used. Threaded connection quality and Assembly process very closely, according to computer spring forming machine joined parts and components of the shape and distribution of the bolt, the force to determine the bolt tightening force, multiple bolts fastening between order and tightening force balance requirements.