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Automatic Wire Feeder It's More Complicated
- Sep 14, 2017 -

Automatic Wire Feeder It's more complicated

The working principle of the wire feeding machine is more complicated. After years of research and development of the wire feed machine, the company has analyzed the operation method in detail.

01. The main body of the wire feeding machine is sent, and the feeding nozzle is connected with the wire feeding tube, and the appropriate silk disk is installed.

02. Use the pedal switch to control the wire and twa-i automatic wire feeding machine, welding power supply and welding gun assembly drawing

The wire drawing is connected with the wire drawing interface on the control panel. Such as the use of high frequency switch welding torch synchronous control wire reel off raw silk from cocoons, needs the hf wire on the control panel interface and frequency interface connection of argon arc welding machine, then the high frequency on the control panel into the line connected to the high frequency arc on the welding torch.

03. If the upper machine is required to control the wire feeding machine, the internal control communication switch on the control panel should be placed on the communication side. If it is not necessary to control the wire feeding machine, the internal control communication switch in the control panel should be placed on the internal control side.

4. Install the appropriate wire feeding wheel according to the selected wire diameter.

05. The power plug connected and turned on the power switch, the wire feeding speed regulation to the fastest, the compression pressure rod, tread down switch pedal, or use a wire reel off raw silk from cocoons switch on the control panel, make the wire to wire feeding mouth as soon as possible. When the wire is delivered, the wire is stopped.

06. Adjust the feeding nozzle to meet the welding Angle requirements. Adjust the feeding machine parameters and select the suitable wire feed to achieve the appropriate speed.

7. Open the welder and weld normally.

08. Turn off the power switch after the welding and unplug the power.

The wire feeding is a very important part of the welding process. The wire of welding of manual argon arc welding is used to complete the wire feeding process.

Silk is a very important operation steps in the process of welding, manual argon arc welding wire feeding methods more welder fingers twisted wire to complete the wire feeding process, welding wire feeding operation is not convenient, therefore, manual wire feeding accuracy is poor, poor consistency, the wire is not stable, resulting in the welding production efficiency is low, welding shape consistency. In addition, the welder with wire length is limited, for a long time frequently take when welding wire, welding efficiency is low, and each section of the wire welding is completed over a short period of welding wire can't use, caused the waste.