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Spring Machine Processing Equipment
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Spring Machine Processing Equipment

Analysis on the Development Advantages of Spring Machine and Line Forming Machine

At present, spring machines, spring processing equipment and wire forming are being developed for numerical control (NC) and computer control (CNC). The development of processing technology varies with the spring material and shape. 【Line Forming Machine】 1, change the outer diameter of the spring, pitch and diameter of the suspension spring to achieve no molding process. We usually use tapered reinforced windings to focus on the development of the three lathes of the CNC lathe machine, but the output and the price is not good. Now we get the cone shape through the roll spring machine in the heating state and control the roller speed and traction, and use waste heat to quench their thirst. 2, stable spring rod welded by low carbon boron steel. 3, the spring rod with 45 steel with high purity, high hardness of the surface to be induced hardening and the larger residual compressive stress, improve fatigue life and anti-relaxation performance. 4, spring machinery is widely used in electronic products by stamping and automatic bending. Spring machines and equipment become more mature, the spring processing line will be more simplified and the cost will be reduced. With China's continuous improvement in the status of the world, more and more countries around the world began to use China's hardware products, to a certain extent, stimulated the development of China's hardware products. As one of the world's largest hardware production, and gradually become the world's metal processing power and export power, China has a broad market and consumer potential. With the socio-economic development, stainless steel hardware industry in the new situation will also show a new trend. Line forming machine

Computer spring machine and CNC spring machine features: First, the NC spring machine and computer spring mechanical procurement with Taiwan imported computer control system and imported servo motor. Second, the NC spring machine and computer spring mechanical machinery automatic parts automatic lubrication oil supply design to ensure that the equipment for a long time to run. Third, the NC spring machine and computer spring machinery with precision detection tracking system, if unqualified products can automatically shut down. Fourth, the NC spring machine and computer spring machinery According to the work on the screen, you can at any time on the product angle correction. 5, CNC spring machine and computer spring machinery When the wireless, broken, wrapped when the automatic shutdown design and automatic frame frame acceleration, so that production more easily and effectively. 6, CNC spring machine and computer spring mechanical computer for the Chinese interface, easy to operate, accurate positioning, the computer can control three to eight servo motor, all motors can be synchronized or run separately. Seven, CNC spring machine and computer spring machinery for the production of double-torsion spring, straight spring, pagoda spring, extension spring, rectangular spring, wire forming, steel skin vortex spring, winding and all kinds of fancy spring, complex difficult reed.